2019 Winter Conference


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2019 Keynote Speaker: Jack Algiere

Join us for our 6th annual Winter Conference, Sunday March 3, 2019 at our NEW location at the Audubon Education Center in Bristol, RI. We are thrilled to welcome keynote speakers Jack Algiere of Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture.  Jack Algiere was born and raised in southern Rhode Island, graduated from the University of Rhode Island. He’scultivated a wealth of experience working on farms from Rhode Island to Costa Rica, to Colorado to California, to Connecticut and now New York where he is currently the farm director at Stone Barns Center.  More on Stone Barns Center here. 

Workshop Speakers:

Bill Braun, Ivory Silo Farm.  Bill is a vegetable grower and seed saver at the Ivory Silo Farm in Westport, MA. He and his partner Deanna Levanti grow on roughly 4 acres using sustainable practices and with great respect to biological diversity. In addition to their farm stand, they sell to a handful of restaurants and outsource to peer farms.

Bryan O’Hara, 2016 NOFA Organic Farmer of the Year.  Bryan has been growing vegetables on his Connecticut farm, Tobacco Road for over 25 years.  With an intensive focus on building the health of the soil, he employs no-till natural farming methods. Bryan also introduces indigenous microorganisms (IMOs) from the surrounding forest into his compost systems and foliar sprays to feed, protect, and invigorate their field soil and vegetable crops.

Christina Dedora, Blue Skys Farm.  Christina knew that she wanted to make a career of growing flowers, herbs and vegetables.  She worked for several years for other farmers until the opportunity came to start her own farm.

Shannon Algiere, Stone Barns Center. Shannon is farm educator at Stone Barns Center.  While studying at the University of Rhode Island, Shannon worked at a natural food cooperative, where she was inspired to think about food sourcing and holistic nutrition. Shannon has taught at the Denison Pequotsepos Nature Center, volunteered as a ranger for the Costa Rica National Park Service, managed a biodynamic greenhouse operation and helped develop a 60-member market farm in Connecticut. Shannon came to the Center in 2003 with her husband, Jack, and has played many roles on the farm, most recently flower and herb manager. Shannon now employs her extensive farming and mentorship experience to facilitate educational engagement, assisting in the design of a dynamic and impactful farm connection for visitors, aspiring farmers and students.