On-Call Farm Advisors

Rising consumer demand for organic, sustainable and locally grown products support strong organic foods prices and farm profitability. Commercial farmers and aspiring farmers interested in transitioning to organic methods may benefit from FREE technical assistance available through the NOFA/RI On-Call Advisor program or the in-person Organic Farm and Livestock Advisor program.

Organic Farm Advisors

NOFA/RI Organic Farm Advisors

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Send your question to an Organic Farm Advisor or Organic Livestock Advisor via email to nofari@live.com or call (401) 523-2653. Advisors will answer your questions and may write up information to share with other farmers and ranchers. Organic Farm or Livestock Advisors may meet with Advisees in-person, tour Advisees’ farms or visit other sites together.

Summaries of On Call Organic Farm and Livestock Advisor / Advisee discussion topics will be posted here as they become available. Anonymity will be maintained as requested.

  • Bees pollinate orchards

    Honeybees pollinate many fruits & vegetables

    Learn about Getting Started as a Beekeeper here.

  • Check back to view future On-Call Advisor recommendations as they become available.

View a list of Organic Farm and Livestock Advisors and their skills here.

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Request FREE technical assistance from an Organic Farm Advisor or Organic Livestock Advisor here. Send questions to NOFA/RI at nofari@live.com or call (401) 523-2653.

Apply to become an Organic Farm Advisor here.

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