NOFA/RI seeks Organic Outreach Coordinator & Organic Materials List Coordinator

NOFA/RI logoAn Organic Outreach Coordinator will strive to educate consumers on the benefits of organically grown specialty crops. Working with the Publicity Coordinator, disseminate outreach materials via email and in-person at a minimum of eight events over 2 years – farmer’s markets and other venues with specialty-crop consumers. Outreach will be directed to consumers and producers/growers.

The Organic Materials List Coordinator will develop, publish, disseminate and maintain a list of approved-for-organic materials available in RI. The Organic Materials List will be available for free download as well as printed and mailed once each grant year to all known farmers that use certified organic, chemical free or IPM growing methods. Additional printed lists will be available to RI specialty crop farmers by request.

These contract positions are funded through March 31, 2017 by a generous Specialty Crop grant administered through the RI Department of Environmental Management’s Division of Agriculture. This grant funds efforts to enhance farmers’ ability to grow and market their crops.

Apply by July 31, 2015. Learn more about the Organic List Coordinator opening here. Learn more about the Organic Outreach Coordinator opening here.

Enjoy Local Produce All Year Long: Food Preservation Workshop

Sejal Lanterman leading Canning & Preserving Workshop

Sejal Lanterman at Canning & Preserving Workshop

Posrponed to Fall, 2016
July 22, 5:00 – 6:30 p.m.
Sweet Berry Farm
Middletown, RI

Registration required. Learn more and register here.

Whether just picked from your garden, a local Farmers Market or a nearby Farm Stand, seasonal produce is nutritious, colorful and delicious. Learn to safely preserve this magic for year-round family feasts! Discover canning, freezing and drying with Sejal Lanterman and Nicole Richard of the University of Rhode Island’s Food Safety Education Program. Enjoy mouthwatering scents from a canning demonstration with low-sugar peach jam.

For a preview Nicole’s and Sejal’s presentation, see

Sejal & Nicole at Workshop

Sejal & Nicole at Workshop

Come to Sweet Berry Farm early to pick your own peaches and berries. The Farm Stand also offers fresh picked produce, sandwiches and beverages. Learn more and register here.