Will Bonsall

Will Bonsall’s Advanced Grower Seminar was wrapped into the 2016 Winter Conference on Feb. 28, 2016

NOFA/RI’s Advanced Grower Seminars are given by farmers sharing their expertise in raising specialty crops, greenhouse management, soil fertility or other topics. The intended audience is farmers, farm workers, apprentices and gardeners. Everyone is welcome.

Jean Martin Fortier - The Market Gardener

Jean Martin Fortier – The Market Gardener Advanced Grower Seminar on Nov. 21, 2015

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These seminars are offered at a moderate cost thanks to a generous Farm Viability grant from the RI Department of Environmental Management’s Division of Agriculture which seeks to enhance farmers’ ability to grow and market their crops.

Specialty Crops Training, as defined by this USDA-supported program, includes fruits, dried fruit, tree nuts, vegetables, nursery crops, Christmas trees, floriculture, cut flowers, honey, hops and turf grass production. Program participants learn how to enhance their market competitiveness with their specialty crops through: research, promotion, marketing, nutrition, trade enhancement, food safety, food security, plant health programs, education, “Buy Local” programs, increased consumption, increased innovation, improved efficiency and/or reduced costs of distribution systems, environmental conservation, product development and/or developing cooperatives.