Vermont Compost - Bulk Order - small

Are you looking to buy cover crop seed, fertilizers, mineral amendments, compost, potting soil, potato and allium seed?

Our Tri-State Bulk Order Program is a great way to save money, but is only available each January.

To find organic materials other times during the year, you can go right to the supply source with the NOFA Tri-State Organic Material Order Catalogue.

Suppliers include:

  • Organic Growers Supply, ME: mineral amendments, fertilizers, cover crop seeds –
  • Moose Tubers (division of FEDCO): potato & allium seed – or (207) 873-7333
  • Fertrell, PA: mineral amendments, fertilizers, animal care products –
  • Vermont Compost Company, VT: compost & potting soil –
  • Crop Production Services, MA: mineral amendments – (413) 665-2115
  • North Country Organics, VT: mineral amendments & fertilizers –
  • Ideal Compost Company, NH: compost, potting soil, wooden stakes –
  • Auto Be Green, NH: bio-synthetic hydraulic and motor oils –