PP&L green energy logoPeople’s Power & Light (PPL) offers Green Electricity from RI renewable energy sources. Buy your green power from local renewable energy sources in southern New England. Learn more here, call 401-861-6111 or email reply@ripower.org.When you sign up, please say you learned about the program from NOFA/RI and PP&L will donate up to $50 to NOFA/RI.

Why support Green Power with People’s Power & Light?
People’s Power & Light (PP&L) is a non-profit advocating for consumers and the environment. PP&L’s renewable energy program contributions are 100% tax-deductible charitable contribution for federal income tax purposes.

New England GreenStart logoYour payments support local projects, most in southern New England.

Wind power is the most affordable zero-emission source of electricity. In contrast to fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and gas, wind power emits no:  carbon dioxide, which causes climate change; sulfur dioxide, which causes acid rain and soot; Nitrogen dioxide, which causes smog; mercury, which causes severe neurological disorders in people, animals, and fish (electricity generated from coal is a major source of mercury pollution); or radioactive waste.

Wind power represents an opportunity to create jobs here in New England and to keep rate-payer dollars here as well.

When you sign up for Green Power with People’s Power & Light, they will donate up to $50 to NOFA/RI. Sign up here with People’s Power & Light.

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