Farmer-to-farmer mentorship has been a core part of sustainable agriculture from the beginning.

NOFA/RI’s Farm Advisors Program funds experienced farmers to provide free technical assistance to beginning and established growers who want to improve their practices and receive guidance throughout the season.

How to Participate

  • Click on the link at the top of this page to submit a request for a FREE consultation.
  • Your request form will be read and paired with an NOFA/RI Advisor.  If you want to request a particular advisor, please do!
  • The Advisor will contact you directly and you can both set up a time to work together.
  • Once goals, time, and any visits are completed, each advisee commits to participating in an “exit survey” for the betterment of the program.
  • It’s as simple as that.

Funded by the Specialty Crop Block Grant Program of the Agricultural Marketing Service, US Department of Agriculture, administered by the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management

Sample Program Topics

  • Develop a business plan for a new farm
  • Explore a mentor’s farm set up
  • Improve soil health and fertility
  • Cover crops and crop rotation
  • Pest, disease, and weed management
  • Seedling and greenhouse management
  • High tunnels and season extension
  • Safe tractor, tool and implement use
  • Post-harvest handling
  • Value added production and marketing
  • Organic certification and NRCS applications

Meet Our Advisors

Camille Abdel-Nabi

Camille Abdel-Nabi

Long Lane Farm

Camille and Devin were first a married couple before they became a farming team. Camille started farming in 2013 at Little River Farm, which she managed until 2022. After years of supporting Camille in her farming dream, Devin decided to quit her office job and become a farmer in 2021 after they acquired their dream property and farm house in Warren in 2020.

Long Lane Farm was started in 2023 with the goal to create a farm that can support a family and provide abundant produce to the surrounding community. Instead of driving our produce all over the state, our goal is to have our CSA members and customers come to our farm to pick up their shares, shop at our farm stand and attend our annual spring plant sale."

Camille can advise on whole farming planning, cover crops, post-harvest handling, and seedling production.

Kelli Roberts

Kelli Roberts

Roots Farm

Kelli and Mike founded Roots Farm in 2009. Roots Farm is a certified-organic, diversified vegetable farm, growing year-round on a small acreage using no-till, regenerative and compact farming methods. They run a year-round farmshare program and do three farmers markets, two of which are year-round. With the flexibility and complexity of six moveable high tunnels, the farm optimizes time and space through all the seasons. This approach supports the family and six full-time employees while still prioritizing soil health.

Kelli can advise on vegetable crop planning, season extension, winter growing, organic pest & disease management, no-till growing, market gardening, harvesting, marketing through direct retail channels (especially CSA and farmers markets), farm organization, and record keeping.

John Kenny

John Kenny

Big Train Farm

John has been owner and manager of Big Train Farm since 2009 and the farm has been certified organic for several years now. John has over 15 years of experience as an organic farmer as well as an academic background in biology and chemistry. When not farming, or advising for NOFA/RI, John periodically teaches a Soil, Plant, and Farm Methodology course. John has experience working with antique and modern tractors. He teaches tractor operations to farmers.

Special Skills: soil test interpretation and field planning

Diana Kushner

Diana Kushner

Arcadian Field Farm

Arcadian Fields is a three acre certified organic farm nestled in the middle of Arcadia State Park. Diana been growing certified organic crops since 1999. Specialties include greens, herbs and heirloom tomatoes, but there are a lot of other crops she loves to grow as well.

Diana can provide consultations on crop production, CSAs, and share-harvest farming.

Christina Dedora

Christina Dedora

Blue Skys Farm

Christina has experience growing and selling vegetables, herbs, and ornamental crops.

Favorite crops: vegetables, cut flowers and herbs

Special skills: seedling production and field growing of cut flowers and herbs; marketing at Farmer’s Markets.

“I have gained a view into the inner workings of a for-profit vegetable farm.”

“There are always people around who will answer questions, but it is good to have the formal relationship with someone who you know you can call, especially during the busy time of year.”

“Even though it is a loose structure, it is a structure.  So I don’t have to feel apologetic about sending him emails.”