NOFA Interstate CouncilNOFA Interstate Council offers shared resources between the seven NOFA chapters, conducts the annual NOFA Summer Conference, provides the quarterly regional newspaper, The Natural Farmer and acts as an umbrella organization for projects of collective concern to NOFA chapters. Each state chapter provides educational conferences, workshops, farm tours and printed materials to educate farmers, gardeners, consumers and land care professionals

NOC logoNational Organic Coalition (NOC)
NOFA/RI is a NOC member via the NOFA Interstate Council. NOC is a national alliance of organizations working to provide a “Washington voice” for farmers, ranchers, environmentalists, consumers and industry members involved in organic agriculture. NOC seeks to advance organic food and agriculture and ensure a united voice for organic integrity, which means strong, enforceable, and continuously improved standards to maximize the multiple health, environmental, and economic benefits that only organic agriculture affords. The coalition works to assure that policies are fair, equitable, and encourage diversity of participation and access. On behalf of organic farmers, food producers and retailers of all sizes, as well as consumer and environmental groups, NOC:

  • Brings together diverse organic stakeholders to share information and create opportunities
  • Offers government agencies and Congress innovative policy solutions to challenging issues;
  • Engages the wider organic community to advocate on its own behalf;
  • Shows up — our members testify at federal government hearings and agency meetings across the U.S. each time organic issues are discussed or organic integrity is threatened.

We Share Hope logoNOFA/RI wishes to thank We Share Hope for hosting our board meetings.

NOFA/RI is a reciprocal member of these state and regional organizations of farmers, ranchers, growers and land care professionals:

Ecological Landscape Alliance (ELA)Ecological Landscape Alliance (ELA)
Natick, MA



New England

New England Farmers Union
Turners Falls, MA

RINLA logo

RI Nursery & Landscape Association (RINLA)
Kingston, RI


RIRLA Logo RI Raised Livestock Association
North Scituate, RI


SCLT logoSouthside Community Land Trust
Providence, RI

NOFA/RI also supports the work of these Advocacy Organizations:
AJP - Food Justice Certified
Agricultural Justice Project (AJP)
The Agricultural Justice Project is a social justice standards setting initiative. The AJP is a partnership of four non-profit organizations: The Rural Advancement Foundation International (RAFI-USA), The Farmworker Support Committee (CATA), Florida Organic Growers (FOG) and the Northeastern Organic Farming Association Interstate Council (NOFA IC).

DFTA. logo - capture 1--6-2015Domestic Fair Trade Association (DFTA) 
The Domestic Fair Trade Association (DFTA) is a membership organization. Our members include farmworkers and their organizations, farmers and farmer groups, retailers, NGOs as well as marketers, processors and manufacturers. The DFTA’s mission is to promote and protect the integrity of Domestic Fair Trade principles and practices through education, marketing, advocacy and endorsement.

Ifoam International logo - capture 10-2015International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement (IFOAM) 
The International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movement’s (IFOAM’s) mission is leading, uniting and assisting the organic movement in its full diversity worldwide, to support the adoption of ecologically, socially and economically sound systems that are based on the principles of Organic Agriculture. Leading the organic movements worldwide, IFOAM represents small and medium farmers’ organizations and multinational certification agencies, ensuring the credibility and longevity of Organic Agriculture as a means to ecological, economic and social sustainability.

Just Label It - logo capture 20-2015Just Label It!
The Just Label It! Campaign consists of hundreds of partner organizations representing the healthcare community, consumer advocates, farmers, concerned parents, environmentalists, food as well as farming organizations, businesses, the faith-based community, and others concerned with protecting consumers’ right to know. Together they support a petition to the FDA for mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods in They work to raise awareness of this issue and to let officials know that Americans want labeling of genetically engineered foods.

ATTRA-NCAT logoNational Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT)
The National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT) formerly known as Appropriate Technology Transfers for Rural Areas (ATTRA) manages projects that promote self-reliance and sustainable lifestyles through wise use of appropriate technology. Its programs deal with sustainable and renewable energy, energy conservation, resource-efficient housing, sustainable community development and sustainable agriculture. ATTRA services are available to farmers, ranchers, market gardeners, Extension agents, researchers, educators, farm organizations, and others involved in agriculture.

NSAC logo - web capture 10-2015National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC)
The National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC) is an alliance of grassroots organizations that advocates for federal policy reform to advance the sustainability of agriculture, food systems, natural resources and rural communities.

NSAC Food Safety
The NSAC Food Safety website  helps farmers, processors and others understand proposed rules within the new Food Safety Modernization Act, potential issues for sustainable agriculture and get involved to ensure the final rules foster good food safety practices without placing an unfair burden on family farmers.

NESAWG logo - from web 10-2016Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Working Group (NESAWG) 
The mission of the Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Working Group (NESAWG) is to build a more sustainable, healthy and equitable food system for our region. They organize, support, and mobilize a 12-state network of organizations and individuals ensuring strategic impact of actions toward common goals. The work strengthens the work of hundreds of organizations.