Ladies take a break from unloading at NESFI, Belchertown, MAOrders accepted each January.

Do you buy cover crop seed, fertilizers, mineral amendments, compost, potting soil, potato and allium seed? Would you like to save money on those items? If so, the NOFA Bulk Order might be perfect for you.

Each year, NOFA/RI, NOFA/Mass and CT NOFA organize a bulk order with popular suppliers for distribution at sites in Little Compton, RI, western, central and eastern MA and central CT. Farmers, gardeners and landscapers can take advantage of significant savings through group purchasing power and collective shipping, while helping NOFA chapters support organic practices throughout the tri-state region.

Bulk orders are open to everyone, members and non-members. There is no minimum or maximum order.  Check out last years Bulk Order Catalogue.

The Spring Bulk Order is only available January 1 through 31. Download the order form in January here.   Send questions to Caro Roszell, Bulk Order Coordinator at or call (413) 387-2316.

Suppliers include:

Progressive Grower, MA: mineral amendments, fertilizers, cover crop seeds, useful things.
Organic Growers Supply, ME: mineral amendments, fertilizers, cover crop seeds –
Moose Tubers, ME (division of FEDCO): potato & allium seed – or (207) 873-7333
Fertrell, PA: – mineral amendments, fertilizers, animal care products –
Vermont Compost Company, VT: compost & potting soil –
Crop Production Services, MA: mineral amendments – (413-665-2115)
North Country Organics, VT: mineral amendments & fertilizers –
Ideal Compost Company, NH: compost, potting soil, wooden stakes –
Lancaster Agriculture, PA: mineral amendments, fertilizers & cover crop seed –


RI pick-ups will be at Earth Care Farms, 89A Country Drive, Charleston and Early Dawn Farm, in Seekonk, MA.


  • Bulk Order items may not be cheaper than retail prices, but shipping costs are included, saving between $85 and $115 per pallet.
  • All companies price products to make a profit. Our Bulk Order is a fundraiser for three NOFA chapters. Bulk Order participants help support our organic growing education and advocacy efforts.
  • The more people participate in the Bulk Order, the better pricing we are able to negotiate with our suppliers and pass on to Bulk Order participants.

Delivery and Pick Up

  • Volunteers are needed to help sort and distribute orders. Site Managers need help unloading delivery trucks as well as organizing and breaking down orders. After arrival, each order has to be checked-in and distributed to the proper owner.
  • To lend a hand, circle “I can be there on these days” on your order form, work on the pre-determined date and take your order home early. Volunteering is a great way to meet other NOFA members and organic growers.

Start planning your Bulk Order now. Download the order form in January or learn more about Spring Bulk Orders here.

Send questions to Caro Roszell, Bulk Order Coordinator at or call (413) 387-2316.