Snow, rain and risks to roofs

Snow-covered BarnWe’re sharing this important advisory sent by Heidi Quinn of the RI Raised Livestock Association (RIRLA) earlier today.

With the weather slated to warm up just long enough for it to rain for most of us on Sunday, we remind you to use extra care if you are cleaning off your barn, shed or home roof.

  1. Pay attention to the snow load on each of your roofs including outbuildings
  2. If you determine that the snow should be removed, stay safe.
  3. Use proper technique and equipment, and consider hiring a professional  (probably not your neighbor’s teenager)
  4. If you remove the snow yourself, do not work alone.  In case of an accident, have someone else with you to help you or to call for help.

Learn more at these sites:

Be safe and to keep your animals and property safe. Use common sense and caution in extreme weather. You don’t want to be the star of the next viral YouTube video or news headline.

Stay safe; it can’t last forever.
Heidi Quinn, Association Coordinator RIRLA
Sanne Kure-Jensen, Administrator, NOFA/RI